The 2014 Living Dead Fest

Friday Oct 10th 1pm to 7pm

Saturday Oct 11th 10am to 7pm

Sunday Oct 12th 11am to 5pm

EDCO Park Evans City, PA. 16033

I never thought in 2008 The Living Dead Festival could have created the following it has. I guess I always wished for something like this but I never thought it would have the depth this has.

In 2009 I was handing off some flyers for the Fest to a person that had a Halloween Store in DuBois PA. We picked Monster Bash to be our meeting place. As I sat in the lobby waiting for this person to arrive, I had a really good chance to see firsthand the overwhelming camaraderie that takes place at events like this. I was there on Friday when they first opened the doors. I got a real friendly vibe from many people seeing and enjoying one another for the first time since last year. Thatís when it dawned on me, the Fest needs to be just that to be successful.

From the very beginning I wanted this Fest to engage all the diehard fans that keep the Night legacy alive. The people that never stop their quest for more things Night. Here was my shot at giving the fans something they had been asking for real long time. I hadnít really attended any conventions at that point so I didnít see why my Night cast and crew friends were so happy to go out and meet the fans for the weekend Horror conventions.

What I could have never predicted was how wonderful these fans would be. The 2008 Fest was very simple and small, a screening of Night with a few cast members signing autographs for a few hours before. I was operating off an email list of about 35 people so my reach was quite short but you know about 275 diehard fans showed up and had the time of their life. I had a doctor come up to me before the screening to thank me, he said he was waiting for the right opportunity to share Night with his 13 year old son and this was it. Iíll never forget that man or that moment. From way back in 2008 to just recently getting word that a newly married couple will be coming from Melbourne Australia the excitement never lessens. This yearís Fest will be their honeymoon. You will never forget that!

Jump forward to September 27th 2011. An appeal to The Evans City Cemetery Association granted the Living Dead Fest one year to raise the needed funds to repair the Chapel on the cemetery grounds. That chapel played a part in Night of the Living Dead in its opening scenes. We had a $50,000 goal and stopped raising funds at about $46,000. The journey that took place in that year was totally unbelievable. We were so good and we bonded like only a truly dedicated group can. We grew and matured as a group of unstoppable Fans on a mission. Well as you all know we fixed the Chapel, saved it from a wrecking ball and had a really great time doing it.

This year we will formally re-dedicate the chapel and uncover a new plaque giving the Chapel its launch onto the next one hundred years. We will have none other than George A. Romero there to help us with this dedication. In addition we will have another record breaking amount of Night Cast and Crew in attendance to autograph all your Night valuables. We will also have several other Romero alumni signing as well.

I took a poll in the group asking people that had been to a Fest what their favorite part was and the answer was overwhelmingly consistent ďFamily FunĒ. Come help us celebrate the chapelís finish and the 46th anniversary of the film that changed horror history.

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